Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who is DCG?

    Dicalo Consulting Group is an accountancy management firm that work with businesses in managing their corporate account, tax return and virtual filing system.

    We also work with clients in providing professional guidance, business registration and consulting, asset management and setup. We have our head office in the UAE, with branches in the U.S, U.K, Cameroon and Nigeria.

    Our consultants have in-depth industry knowledge and are well qualified to operate in any sector and industry of your business.

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    What does DCG do?

    Our services include:

    • Management Consulting
    • Payroll Outsourcing Services (to us)
    • Business Consulting
    • Product Costing and Pricing
    • HR recruitment and Outsourcing Accounting Services,
    • Business Registration/Set up/representation,
    • Business Registration,
    • International Tax Advisor
    • Asset Management
    • Financial Advisory.
    • Financial Modeling.
    • Professional and corporate trainings
    • Bookkeeping Services
    • Preparation of Business plans
    • Training for Microsoft office and applications.
    • Tax preparation and declaration on behalf of clients.
    • Internal Audit Services.
    • Project management.
    • Conduct of feasibility studies and Business plans.
    • Partnering with foreign Business entities in a wide range of industries to do business in Africa
    • Personal Finance Advisory.

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    How many countries do DCG operate in?

    We currently operate in the UAE, United Kingdom, U.S.A , Cameroon and Nigeria.

    Do note that we currently have plans to extend our services beyond this to include Ghana, Europe and other countries.

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    How do I contact DCG?

    To talk with our expert consultants or to simply request a proposal from us (this attracts no charges), click here.

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    Would there be a possibility of data breach?

    Our services operate with the highest level of security privacy.

    Every data processed by us either for our clients or on our behalf is codified in blockchain which is inaccessible by anyone else.

    Also, we follow the Security measures codified by the laws of the country we operate in to keep and maintain our clients’ records.

    Thus making it inaccessible to breach or invasion.

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    How can DCG manage my account?
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    Where is my data stored?

    We comply with the GDPR in receiving, processing and handling our clients’ data.

    For further information about how we handle our clients’ data, contact us.

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