Business Setup


We recognize that Africa represents an untapped market, with many multinational corporations and entrepreneurs eager to engage in business opportunities on the continent. Nevertheless, they often lack a clear roadmap on how to navigate this terrain.

In response to this challenge, Dicalo Consulting specializes in assisting companies seeking to establish a physical presence and conduct business in Africa. Our services encompass the entire spectrum of business setup, including company registration and facilitating the opening of their first corporate bank account on the African continent.

We also extend our support to businesses interested in entering the African market without the need for a physical presence. This can be achieved through avenues such as joint ventures, partnerships, or sourcing the required inputs from the African market

Our mission also encompasses aiding African companies and entrepreneurs in establishing branches or expanding their operations into other African nations. This aligns with the goals of the African Free Trade Agreement, promoting intracontinental trade and fostering economic collaboration among African countries.

In addition, we provide assistance to multinational corporations and entrepreneurs in establishing representative offices in Africa. We extend our support by facilitating business setup processes in the United Arab Emirates through our strategic partnerships with other companies.

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