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  • 2003 - 2004
    YMCA, New Delhi - Institute of Management Studies.

    Post Graduation Diploma in Personnel Management

    Personnel Management / Human resource Management

  • 2022 - 2022
    Middle Earth HR Private Limited (Accredited by HR Certification Institute, U.S.A.)


    Certified HR Analytics & Metrics Professional

  • 2007 - 2013
    Indira Gandhi National Open University

    Master in Business Administration

    Specialization in Human Resource Management.

  • 2020 - 2020
    American Certification Institute, Dallas - USA.


    Certified Human Resource Manager

  • 2020 - 2020
    American Certification Institute, Dallas - USA


    Certified Human Resource Management Professional

  • 2000 - 2003
    University of Delhi

    Bachelor of Arts



  • 2015 - 2020
    TejariSolution FZ LLC. (JV Dubai World & Jaggaer, USA) - SAAS Technology

    HR & Office Manager

    Human Resource Responsibilities:
    Ø Lead the HR function and worked as strategic business partner of the leadership team.
    Ø Recommend, develop and implement HR programs based on the business needs aligned with Global HR strategy.
    Ø Develops and implements change strategy in collaboration with leadership team for Global initiatives and provides operational and tactical guidance on organizational effectiveness.
    Ø GAP analysis of the existing HR process and policies. Design, draft and manage various HR policies to streamline the internal process and efficiency of the organization.
    Ø Advise managers and employees on organizational policy, legal or regulatory compliance matters.
    Ø Identify open vacancies, recruit for all level positions, interview and select applicants. Conduct background checks, offer employment contract.
    Ø Prepare personnel forecast to project employment needs. Recruits for all levels of positions. Ensures a proactive approach to talent acquisition in market through workforce planning, strategic hiring practices, internship programs, campus recruiting and internal database.
    Ø Plan and conduct new employee orientation to promote positive attitude toward organizational objectives.
    Ø Develop job descriptions and user guide for managers and employee on how to hold an effective appraisal interview, design appraisal form. Brief all Department Head and support them throughout the appraisal process, if needed.
    Ø Administer compensation and benefits plan. Ensure consistent, fair and competitive compensation practice.
    Ø Analyses and recommends salaries for offers, increases, promotions and adjustments. Advise department leads on team compensation issues and escalates any intricate compensation issues to the management.
    Ø Overseeing team of payroll specialists managing comprehensive payroll process and activities such as time attendance, payroll register & reconciliation report, bank transfer file, leave accrual register, advance loan recovery and deduction, pension report for UAE Nationals, staff gratuity / end of service entitlements and bonus. Ensure that each staff receive their pay checks on time every month.
    Ø Analyze training needs to design employee development program. Finalize the course content and sources of the training provider. Maintain training records and submit training evaluation report to the Line Manager and the Management for further strategic decisions.
    Ø Provide counselling and address staff queries. Manage intricate employee relations issues such as disciplinary actions, layoffs, redundancy and litigations. Keeps leadership team apprised of trends on morale, culture and retention to improve the efficiency & productivity of the organization and restore the credibility and employee-centric focus of the HR Department.
    Ø Maintain records, compile and analyze statistical data and reports concerning personnel data such as hires, transfers, performance appraisals, absenteeism rates and attrition rate and submit to the leadership team.
    Office Administration:
    Ø Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files, processing paperwork and manage records in writing and electronic form.
    Ø Establish work schedules to organize the daily work of administrative staff.
    Ø Keep employee personal files up to date. Add or create new file records as necessary such as increment or promotion letter, department transfer, disciplinary letter, etc.
    Ø Keep Organization chart up to date.
    Ø Administer and price negotiate with insurance service provider for group medical and life insurance policies. Ensure that every employee and their dependents are covered according to their employment terms.
    Ø Manage employee data in to the global human resource and expense management integrated systems.
    Ø Manage new supplier / vendor registration process for services or good such as request a supplier, request approval, invite supplier, supplier registration form, supplier review and supplier activation.
    Ø Follow end–to-end purchase cycle such as purchase requisition, purchase request approval, purchase order, vendor invoice, purchase order match and vendor payment.
    Ø Develop, administer and control budgets for contracts, equipment, supplies, facilities, rental cars. Manage annual maintenance contracts (AMC).
    Ø Acquire, store, distribute supplies and manage inventories.
    Ø Obtain necessary Security approvals, gate pass, car stickers and parking slots from various governing regulatory authorities.
    Ø Manage company events, meetings, conferences, recreation, well-being, team building activities, and serve as liaison for requests or complaints.
    Ø Manage companywide travel and hotel bookings.
    Ø Maintain office equipment in proper operating condition. Read through contracts, regulations and procedural guidelines to ensure comprehension and compliance.
    Ø Supervise administrative staff and provide training.
    Ø Meet department head to understand their requirement about personnel, resources and space or equipment needs and arrange accordingly.
    Public Relations:
    Ø Obtain legal working status for employees, submit online visa applications in Dubai and Abu Dhabi immigration portal.
    Ø Manage business license renewals for corporate and branch office.
    Ø Manage renewals such as office lease agreement, establishment and immigration card and company’s owned / leased vehicle.
    Ø Liaise with insurance companies to obtain best negotiated rates for Group Medical and Life Insurance policies and ensure that each employee is covered.
    Ø Manage Labour audits from Ministry of Labour.
    Ø Communication with people outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the public, government, and other external sources either in person, or in writing, or by telephone or e-mail.
    Ø Report to Managing Director.

  • 2013 - 2014
    Mohammed Saleh Al Zarouni Real Estate LLC. - Real Estate

    HR & Admin Officer

    Ø Set up and maintain HR & Administrative operational processes.
    Ø Gather employee records from other departments or employees to develop employee database and maintain further.
    Ø Perform search for qualified job candidates using sources such as networking, online portals and employee referrals.
    Ø Screen, shortlist, interview and select qualified applicants.
    Ø Prepare offer and employment contract.
    Ø Arrange documents and submit to public relations officer to obtained necessary security approvals for employment residence visa and labour card.
    Ø Explain company personnel policies and procedures to the employees.
    Ø Develop job description. Provide guidance to subordinates including setting performance standards and monitoring performance.
    Ø Develop and implement new filing system, design forms and assign codes to identify tenancy file location.
    Ø Analyze statistical data and internal processes and make recommendation to improve operational efficiency.
    Ø Prepare meeting agendas, attend meetings and record & transcribe minutes.
    Ø Complete work schedules, manage calendars, arrange appointments and deliver messages.
    Ø Provide information to supervisor, co-workers and subordinates by telephone, e-mail or in person and ensure that all inquiries or request must be answered and processed.
    Ø Manage contracts and price negotiation with vendors and suppliers for office supplies & equipment and ensure proper stock level at all times.
    Ø Maintain office condition and arrange necessary repairs.
    Ø Overseeing administrative staff members and delegate basic office task.
    Ø Report to Financial Advisor.

  • 2011 - 2012
    SDV UAE LLC. (Subsidiary of Bollore Group Logistics) - Logistics & Transportation

    HR & Admin Executive

    HR Job Responsibilities:
    Ø Set up and streamline the routine business operations and or processes including matters related with public relations.
    Ø Serve as a link between management and employees by handling inquiries, interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work-related problems.
    Ø Confer with management to develop and implement personnel policies, procedures and recommend changes where needed.
    Ø Perform search for qualified job candidates using sources such as databases, networking, web portals, recruitment agencies or employee referrals.
    Ø Screen employment applications, select qualified job applicants or refer them to managers, making hiring recommendations when appropriate.
    Ø Conduct background checks on the job applicants and inform them the status of their applications.
    Ø Prepare offer and employment contract (local and overseas).
    Ø Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, compensation and benefits.
    Ø Plan and conduct new employee induction and orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.
    Ø Analyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization’s personnel policies and practices.
    Ø Administer compensation, benefits plans, performance management systems, recreation and health & safety programs.
    Ø Prepare monthly payroll.
    Ø Maintain records and compile statistical reports concerning personnel related data such as hires, terminations, transfers or promotions, absenteeism and payroll and submit monthly to the Head Quarter.
    Ø Investigate and report on industrial accidents for insurance carriers. Maintain records and compile statistical reports occupational health, safety and environment incidents on each quarter and submit to the Head Quarter.
    Ø Perform staffing duties including dealing with understanding, refereeing disputes, firing employees, and administering disciplinary procedures.
    Ø Conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employment termination. Address high risk factor to the management and make possible recommendations.
    Ø Analyze training needs by GAP analyses technique and design employee development plan.
    Ø Worked closely with management team on special project to obtain ISO 9001 and 14001 Certification of Quality and Environmental Management System.
    Ø Extensively worked on to develop and design various process, procedures and forms related with HR policies, employees training, vendor registration and enlistment.
    Administrative Job Responsibilities:
    Ø Read incoming materials or mails to determine how and where they should be filed.
    Ø Input data such as file numbers, new or updated information, or document information codes into computer system to support document and information retrieval.
    Ø Keep employee personal files up to date. Add or create new file records as necessary such as increment or promotion letter, department transfer, disciplinary letter, etc.
    Ø Entering, transcribing, recording, storing or maintaining information in writing and or electronic form.
    Ø Review files, records, and other documents to obtain information to respond to requests.
    Ø Implement new filing system, design forms and assign codes to identify file location.
    Ø Manage Annual Maintenance Contracts for office machines such as photocopier, scanner & fax machine and rental company cars.
    Ø Plan, administer and control budgets for contracts, equipment and supplies.
    Ø Obtain necessary Security approvals, gate pass, car stickers and parking slots.
    Public Relations Job Responsibilities:
    Ø Maintain records for the renewal of company trade license, lease agreement, establishment and immigration card, and company’s owned / leased vehicle.
    Ø Arrange employment visa, work permit or labour card and Emirates ID.
    Ø Manage surprise audits from Ministry of Labour.
    Ø Represent organization at personnel related hearings and investigations.
    Ø Report to Managing Director.

  • 2007 - 2011
    Alpha Flight Services UAE LLC - (Food Manufacturing Unit) - Sharjah Airport

    HR & Admin Assistant

    Core Responsibilities:
    Ø Manage day-to-day Admin and HR Operation.
    Ø Coordinate with outside staffing agencies to hire employees based on the department requirements.
    Ø Review employment applications and job orders to match applicants with job requirements.
    Ø Select applicants meeting specified job requirements and refer them to hiring personnel.
    Ø Prepare job offer & employment contract for selected candidates. Gather personnel records from new hires to process employment visa.
    Ø Induct and orient new hires and keep staff personnel records updated at all time.
    Ø Arrange hygiene training for new hires.
    Ø Explain company personnel policies, benefits, and procedures to employees or job applicants.
    Ø Assist HR Manager to prepare Job Descriptions, probation period evaluation and annual performance appraisal.
    Ø Prepare and maintain employment records related to events such as increment letters, promotion letters, probationary confirmation letter, resignation confirmation letter, disciplinary actions, and salary certificates.
    Ø Monitor all staff attendance records and highlight any discrepancies to the HRM and Department Head.
    Ø Manage staff leave records, calculate over time to prepare and submit payroll to the HRM in the absence of payroll officer.
    Ø Extensively worked on Management Information System (MIS) and updating time to time.
    Ø Prepare documents for employment visa, amendment in visa position, new residency visa, labour card, cancellation or renewal of residency visa and passport release.
    Ø Manage logbook on staff passport related activities performed within department (receive, submit to civil aviation, release and issue to an employee) and secure acknowledgement to mitigate risk.
    Ø Liaise with Health Authority to schedule staff medical check-up, vaccination & finger prints for new as well as renewal of their employment visa. Prepare documents and update list at all time.
    Ø Perform periodic inspections of medical records and files to ensure correct placement, legibility, or proper condition for the surprise audit of Municipality Officer.
    Ø Dealt with Insurance Company for the new enrollments and / or deletion of the member coverage from the medical and life insurance policies.
    Ø Investigate and report on industrial accidents for insurance carriers.
    Ø Assist HR Manager to prepare documents for Employer Liability (property and risk) insurance.
    Ø Dealt with various banks to open staff bank account.
    Ø Liaise with travel agencies to make travel bookings for staff.
    Ø Prepare purchase request to ensure the roll out and refill the office materials and supplies as per the department needs.
    Ø Prepare HR circulars, memos to communicate management message and instruction to the staff.
    Other Responsibilities:
    Ø Take meeting notes. Compile, transcribe, obtain necessary approvals and communicate with the respective key personnel to take actions accordingly.
    Ø Prepare and distribute Daily Newsletter to all departments.
    Ø Answer all enquiries received by calls and or by email about records or files.
    Ø Design various forms such as leave request, passport release, duty resumption, performance appraisal (English version)
    Ø Complete general financial activities, such as petty cash, advance cash, reviewing invoices and submit receipts along with supporting documents to settle account with Finance Department.
    Ø Input data, such as file numbers, new or updated information, or document information codes into computer system to support document and information retrieval.
    Ø Find, retrieve, and make copies of information from files in response to requests and deliver information to authorized users.
    Ø Place materials into storage receptacles, such as file cabinets, boxes and files according to classification and identification information. Eliminate outdated or unnecessary materials or transferring them to inactive storage.
    Ø Maintain logbook for staff lockers and accommodation.
    Ø Organize in/out movement of correspondence with various governing authorities such as Embassies, Civil Aviation, Hospitals, Licensing Department, Police, etc. as and when required.
    Ø Report to Human Resource Manager.


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