Best Job Advice For Job Seekers In UAE

Best Job Advice For Job Seekers In UAE

The UAE has opened its doors to attract global talent and skills. Millions of job seekers and visitors fly into the country in search of a better life in this regard. African countries, as well as many others, benefit from the country’s numerous opportunities.

However, it is also critical to thoroughly research a particular country before attempting to relocate in search of a better life. This post clearly states important job tips and advice for prospective job seekers who are currently in the UAE or who plan to visit.

Advice for candidates seeking job before arriving in UAE ❤️🇦🇪

1. January, February & March or September are the best months for visit to UAE for Job Search.

2. Apply 3 months visit visa at least well in advance.

3. Budget your trip before arrival and keep reasonable money with you for living expenses, Visa cost, ticket, local travelling etc.

4. Keep your accommodation with fellow professionals in UAE if possible.

5. Get attestation of your degree well in advance from the relevant authorities before visiting UAE.

6. Bring your daily use item from home country if possible like blanket, towel etc. to save the money here in UAE.

7. Try to come to UAE at early stage of career after getting proper qualification with reasonable skills as usually home country experience has less weightage here

8. Expertise in Microsoft Office (specially excel and PowerPoint), ERP software’s (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, Tally, Sage etc.) will increase your chances of getting hired more and more

9. Must arrange your laptop before arrival

10. Networking: Personal Contacts in UAE can play the most significant role in landing the very first vacancy in the market. (Perhaps, total dependence on relatives and friends is surely not a good idea) so try to connect with them before arrival in UAE through LinkedIn/WhatsApp etc.

11. Minimum of two (2) months gap prior to your arrival – start registering and profiling yourself to the well-known and well-trusted domains of employment agencies like Bayt, Dubizile, Gulf Talent, Naukri Gulf, BAC Middle East, Hays, Kershaw, Charter house, Michael Page, LinkedIn, indeed ae etc.

12. Prepare your C.V as professional and Refined as possible (Try to get any UAE contact number in advance from your friends for your use and mention it on the CV if possible). Do it before flying and save time. You may keep some printouts of your C.V from your hometown along with A4 size plain white Envelops. Keep it ready to handover to any prospective employer. Also carry some passport sized pictures of yours (just in case if it is required)

13. Explore your industry’s best players in UAE, visit their website and search for people working in those organization where you intended to join, start conversation with them and try to build rapport to make an appointment.

(#LinkedIn is the best source to do this).

14. Ideally try to fix at least 5 to 6 prospective meetings prior departing for UAE.

15. Try to get familiar with UAE local laws and regulations relevant to specific fields as in case of accounts and finance VAT etc.

16. Keeping a softcopy of your C.V in your Smartphone/ Mobile along with Pre-Scripted Email Matter is the quickest way to respond any Employer/ Recruiter (in case you have been asked to send your C.V while you are unable to access your laptop)

17. In a nutshell, Strong Planning before leaving for Dubai is the key to success and “IF U FAIL TO PLAN.. U PLAN TO FAIL”.

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